Aging Pretty Well

I really relate to this. Jane Fonda on Netflix‘s Grace and Frankie… I’ve never watched it before but I guess I will now. I feel the same way. Sometimes all the “work” of staying young and pretty is hard. And when you have aches and pains and canes and knee braces, it’s hard to not notice that I’m a 62 yr old grandma. I don’t “feel” like or look like my grandma did at 62 but the implication is still there – that’s I’m old and being old means being discarded and having no worth to people anymore. The funny thing is that we’re even MORE valuable at the “age of elegance”. We have life experience, we’ve been through almost everything that life can throw us by now, and we know that we really have so much more to offer than we did 30 years ago. We have the confidence and the wisdom that we didn’t have back then. And we really don’t care that much anymore what other people think – that’s their problem, not mine. We know that our HEALTH is the #1 priority and that if we don’t REST and SLEEP and destress daily with yoga and/or meditation – we’re screwed! There’s no more faking it. Arthritis and shingles and 17353350_10211930462398172_8811680412048734720_npneumonia will knock you out permanently if you’re not careful. You just have this life to live, so you gotta live it UP! Whoop it up. Have a good time, because this isn’t a dress rehearsal. Choose your battles. Love your children, especially the ones that don’t talk to you, say goodbye to your parents if you haven’t already, kiss your grandchildren, and get laid as often as you can because the chemicals that are released are so good for you! 😉Watch funny movies and have good cries, give hugs, eat chocolate (dark of course) and eat your veggies, take your baby aspirin, see your naturopath and get a massage and/or access consciousness asap. You deserve it. Self Love, especially at this age of elegance, it no longer optional. You must love yourself exquisitely as if you are the most precious thing in the world to you – because you are. Get your nails done, get your hair done, wear your hair extensions and push up bras and wear your makeup and false eyelashes, but remember that you’re just as beautiful without all of it – and probably more beautiful because you’re showing the real you. Took me a LONG time to figure that out. Value the “pretty” inside of you. Beauty really is from the inside out. Love hard – it’s your super power!  Lift each other up. Stop competing with other women. Real empowered women, empower other women. So get real. Get empowered. Share, like and follow women you admire and tell them so. Tell the women you follow why you follow them, what you like about them and what a difference they’re making in your life. Stop comparing yourself to them. There’s no point. You are you. They are they. Just be yourself, everyone else is taken. We rise by lifting others. One Woman’s success is inspiration for another. Husbands and boyfriends come and go – girlfriends are forever. Never forget that.  With so much Love… I am… April Beam The Manifesting Princess.



Quiet Compliance

Quiet Compliance is when you’re asked to be quiet and keep your opinions to yourself. When you’re supposed to just sit there and nod and not voice any concerns or disapproval or approval that you might have. If they want your opinion – they’ll give it to you. This is also referred to as invalidation.

When you are not validated, you feel invisible, unappreciated, unimportant, taken for granted, and unvalued. Easily discarded, rejected, abandoned and ignored. I could go on, but you probably get the point by now. When someone subjects you to invalidation, they’re telling you that they don’t care about you, that you don’t matter and that they have a problem showing compassion, empathy, sensitivity, and sympathy. So, really the problem is THEIRS, but it affects you because you are their scapegoat. You are their whipping post. You are the way they build themselves up, by putting you down.

A pity isn’t it? Someone is so insecure that they have to belittle, demean and purposefully hurt someone who has done nothing more than voice their opinion and/or been too nice to them, too supportive of them and just wants the same in return.

When someone is unable to show compassion or empathy, they have a defect in their brain; it has been scientifically proven. The part of their brain that is needed to be empathic or sensitive is underdeveloped due to neglect between the ages of 3-5 years. If someone did not receive the love and support and empathy that they needed at 3, 4 or 5, they would not be able to ever recover. That part of their brain fails to grow any further, and that person is forever at the mercy of their undeveloped brain; an injury by who should have been loving caregivers – instead they received nothing and now have to overcome their feelings of chronic failure, irritability, agitation and inferiority to compensate. Many people think the best way to GET what they need is to put others down and to purposefully hurt and manipulate. It’s called Narcissism.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel sorry for the narcissist. It’s not really their fault. They were abused, abandoned, rejected and so their brain did the best it could to save them and went into survival mode. The problem, of course, is that narcissists can be very cruel and cause brain injury to the person on the receiving end of their cruelty. Chronic emotional and verbal manipulation is abuse. That kind of damage affects the brain and causes PTSD, anxiety, memory loss, illness, and many other symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome.

noun: Stockholm syndrome
  1. feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.

Knowing the fact is only half the battle. In this intense, angry world we live in, we are exposed to all kinds of personalities. If you’re around this kind of person, stay far away.

Start by loving yourself so much that you recognize even the slightest abuse. Respect yourself enough to accept only respect from others – walk away if you’re not receiving respect all the time! No exceptions!

Great love for you,




Beckon Angels

I love angels. I collect figurines of them, prints and posters of angels, I love being surrounded by angels. One day I saw “Beckon Angels” on a card made by Danielle LaPorte. It spoke to me! I had a black tee shirt made with the words BECKON ANGELS on it in rhinestones! I’ve just always loved the idea of Beckon Angels.

So I put a facebook page up called Beckon Angels. Right now it serves as a place for me to put little inspirational angel notes. I am currently creating these angel notes to be for sale as little angel cards of angelic inspiration! And maybe someday turn that into a book.

It just feels good to think about Angels especially in this really mean-spirited, busy, nasty-at-times world we live in. Angels remind us to slow down, to enjoy life and to remember that we are here to shine and to serve and help others.

It just takes the pressure out of life when I think about Angels and doing good. It’s my little way of giving back. What’s yours?

Love of Angel Love,


Celestial Mindset

17362528_10211931327939810_3811297976931696601_nI aspire to have a celestial mindset. I feel sometimes like the world is so insane and people are so super busy and disconnected, that the only way out of the messy loneliness and heartbreak is to go within and meditate and pray. I do a lot of praying lately. I’ve been sick with bacterial pneumonia for 4 weeks and then discovered I was dehydrated! So had to work on that for a while too… People are “busy”. I’m not sure what they’re doing that keeps them so busy, but we just don’t connect anymore. So, I decided to be proactive and choose the high road, aspire higher, look for that infamous “road less traveled” and go up there and try to stay there mentally. Not to let the angry voices bring me down. Not to let other peoples controlling and manipulative ways hurt me anymore. I observe a “quiet compliance” to keep myself in my thoughts so that I can figure out the best way to handle all that is going on. I’m being a little vague here because I don’t want to reveal all my personal stuff, but let’s just say things are not rosy… and I  need to find myself alone a lot in order to cope.

The Celestial Mindset is the name of my next book. I’m working on it slowly and deliberately. It is not part of the Manifesting Princess series, however, it could be considered a spin-off of it because it is the same “gospel” that the MP preaches! Be kind. Love yourself. Don’t sink to that level. Raise your standards. That kind of thing… I hope to finish this book over the summer and release it in the fall of 2018 but we shall see! ;D

In the meantime, read this blog. I will no doubt be posting things here that will end up in the book. Like what if you’re in a miserable marriage? What do you do? What are the pros and cons of staying or leaving? How do you want to use your time? Is it worth returning to school, would you rather have a different job, relationship and/or a lot more money? Well, who wouldn’t want a lot more money!? But you get my point. We need to DECIDE what kind of life we want and if we are not in that life, HOW do we go about getting it. What steps will we take? What are we willing to DO in order to have that life?

For me, right now it’s all about my health. I’ve been sick all of 2018 and I’m sick of it. So I’m taking back my health with yoga, meditation, prayer and healthier eating. More rest, less stress. Choosing to do things that I like to do just because I like to do them. Releasing my need to be perfect. Releasing my need for the approval of others. Releasing my need of caring what other people say about me because at the end of the day – it’s not their life – it’s my life so what they say DON’T REALLY MATTER now does it? Sticks and Stones.

So please like one of my groups on Facebook… Manifesting Princess, Beckon Angels or Celestial Mindset – and you’ll see tons of positivity and that should help you navigate the very ugly world we live in! It can be really nasty out there. I am grateful that I don’t have to work in it.

Be good to yourself,