Aspire Higher

As a certified life coach and author of 7 books on Amazon and Kindle, I have always tried to look for the good and to make my life better. I’ve tried to pass that on  in my books, hoping to motivate, inspire and uplift in the Manifesting Princess series of books. Many people have told me that my books have changed their life, made their day and helped them through a tough time. I’m happy they feel that way. That was my goal.

But as my own personal life has evolved, so has my writing. Not only do I want to continue to inspire and uplift, but I want to aspire higher to what I am calling the “Celestial Mindset”. It’s the higher law above manifesting. It’s working directly with  God and Jesus Christ to bring me a new perspective on the blessings that I thought I manifested, but instead now realize that I didn’t manifest them at all – they were given to me as blessings because it was part of the path and through the grace and mercy of my Father in Heaven that I was the recipient of such an outpouring of blessings.

The Celestial Mindset will pick up where the Manifesting Princess left off…but now step up our game and bring God along with us as we listen closely to the spirit through prayer and study of the scriptures, as we choose better language and media to watch and look at, as we dress modestly and respect our body rather than defile it and go against the grain of mainstream society and mainstream media, and instead of selfies – become selfless. Instead of making everything about  ME ME ME!! It’s how can I help You You You? How can I serve?

It’s the soft reply – instead of shouting or swearing. It’s the humility and awareness of abundant blessings you’ve been given. It’s gratitude and gratefulness. It’s meekness instead of pride. It’s love instead of hate. It’s not gossiping and putting others down and instead it’s standing for what’s good in the world rather than focusing on what’s bad. It’s speaking your mind, having an empowered voice, but being tactful and respectful when doing so. Not alienating anyone but not following anyone just because they claim to be a Guru.

The Celestial Mindset will make you think, encourage you to pray, and help you to choose a better life for yourself – regardless of your spiritual or religious belief.

This new “brand” of The Celestial  Mindset is what we’ve all been looking for; Love. Love for ourselves and Love for one another. It’s a love for this earth life that we have been given and it’s a Love for how to use our lives to help others while improving our own life at the same time.

This is the Celestial Mindset – Love.

There’ll be a series of books and workshops offered in person and online a couple times a year. Maybe even a video module for you to download someday soon! So stay tuned! This is the Celestial Mindset and helping you to think better of yourself and others is just the beginning!

With Great Love,


April Beam Director

April Beam is a certified life coach and Amazon #1 best-selling in 2013 and 2016 and the author of 7 books available on Amazon and Kindle. She is married and has 2 grown sons and 2 granddaughters.