Aging Pretty Well

I really relate to this. Jane Fonda on Netflix‘s Grace and Frankie… I’ve never watched it before but I guess I will now. I feel the same way. Sometimes all the “work” of staying young and pretty is hard. And when you have aches and pains and canes and knee braces, it’s hard to not notice that I’m a 62 yr old grandma. I don’t “feel” like or look like my grandma did at 62 but the implication is still there – that’s I’m old and being old means being discarded and having no worth to people anymore. The funny thing is that we’re even MORE valuable at the “age of elegance”. We have life experience, we’ve been through almost everything that life can throw us by now, and we know that we really have so much more to offer than we did 30 years ago. We have the confidence and the wisdom that we didn’t have back then. And we really don’t care that much anymore what other people think – that’s their problem, not mine. We know that our HEALTH is the #1 priority and that if we don’t REST and SLEEP and destress daily with yoga and/or meditation – we’re screwed! There’s no more faking it. Arthritis and shingles and 17353350_10211930462398172_8811680412048734720_npneumonia will knock you out permanently if you’re not careful. You just have this life to live, so you gotta live it UP! Whoop it up. Have a good time, because this isn’t a dress rehearsal. Choose your battles. Love your children, especially the ones that don’t talk to you, say goodbye to your parents if you haven’t already, kiss your grandchildren, and get laid as often as you can because the chemicals that are released are so good for you! 😉Watch funny movies and have good cries, give hugs, eat chocolate (dark of course) and eat your veggies, take your baby aspirin, see your naturopath and get a massage and/or access consciousness asap. You deserve it. Self Love, especially at this age of elegance, it no longer optional. You must love yourself exquisitely as if you are the most precious thing in the world to you – because you are. Get your nails done, get your hair done, wear your hair extensions and push up bras and wear your makeup and false eyelashes, but remember that you’re just as beautiful without all of it – and probably more beautiful because you’re showing the real you. Took me a LONG time to figure that out. Value the “pretty” inside of you. Beauty really is from the inside out. Love hard – it’s your super power!  Lift each other up. Stop competing with other women. Real empowered women, empower other women. So get real. Get empowered. Share, like and follow women you admire and tell them so. Tell the women you follow why you follow them, what you like about them and what a difference they’re making in your life. Stop comparing yourself to them. There’s no point. You are you. They are they. Just be yourself, everyone else is taken. We rise by lifting others. One Woman’s success is inspiration for another. Husbands and boyfriends come and go – girlfriends are forever. Never forget that.  With so much Love… I am… April Beam The Manifesting Princess.



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