Returning to School

28378616_346450265858169_6242224074649329722_nI’m at a certain age where returning to school should have been done a couple decades ago! But, I wasn’t ready until this year. So, now I am working on my Master’s in Psychology. It’s been a bit of a challenge to get back in the habit of critical reading, critical thinking, and critical writing. I must admit that it has been easier in some ways, however. There is this component called Grammarly which I love!!! It highlights every time I write something wrong! And I fix it and I look like a friggen genius! Ha!

Blending my degree in psychology with my over 10 years of Life Coaching will make me a Lifeologist. That’s my decision! I know that in the next 4-6 years technology will have changed so much that instead of chatting on the phone or by video, we’ll probably be able to hologram into each other’s homes and have a good chat about life strategy and how you own challenges are getting in your way. But SURPRISE it will be so much fun to find out when I get there in a few years!

I am having fun being in school again. The focus is a little harder because I’m out of the habit and have other distractions, but I am learning to overcome. What is your big DREAM? What do you wish you’d already have done but you feel it’s too late? Because guess what – it’s NOT too late (in most cases!) Write it down and make it happen!

I’m right there with you!



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