I returned to school so that I could get my Master’s in Psychology. One of the reasons is because of the recent awareness that I have BPD or what is commonly called “Borderline Personality Disorder” – this is an emotion regulation issue for people who are emotionally sensitive. If you’ve been invalidated in your childhood and/or in important relationships, and you have trouble regulating your emotions, chances are quite good that you have some level of BPD. Although I am not diagnosing, I am speaking from personal experience. I’ve made a lifetime of chaotic and disastrous mistakes and often wondered what was wrong with me and why I didn’t have those effortless lives that my friends seem to have.

As I work to become more mindful by using yoga and meditation and mindfulness training through DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) I can feel my emotions and central nervous system CALMING down after decades of Trauma and Drama! It feels good to be quiet. It feels good to listen. It feels good to be calm and to feel happiness. These are things that I address in my new book CELESTIAL because it literally is a Celestial Mindset and Attitude to get to the tranquility that I desire and that you might be interested in having as well. I’m sure that I will include this in my life coaching with clients and eventually in psychotherapy with clients someday. Being mindful is key to having a happy life and a calm, centered, focused life.

I wish for all of us a happy life. Read and study positive things and take your power back and own your life. Take the high road. Aspire Higher. Send loving vibes to others instead of hate. Love yourself. Take exquisitely good care of yourself in every way. This is what I focus on personally in my work and books.

With great love,



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