Beckon Angels

I love angels. I collect figurines of them, prints and posters of angels, I love being surrounded by angels. One day I saw “Beckon Angels” on a card made by Danielle LaPorte. It spoke to me! I had a black tee shirt made with the words BECKON ANGELS on it in rhinestones! I’ve just always loved the idea of Beckon Angels.

So I put a facebook page up called Beckon Angels. Right now it serves as a place for me to put little inspirational angel notes. I am currently creating these angel notes to be for sale as little angel cards of angelic inspiration! And maybe someday turn that into a book.

It just feels good to think about Angels especially in this really mean-spirited, busy, nasty-at-times world we live in. Angels remind us to slow down, to enjoy life and to remember that we are here to shine and to serve and help others.

It just takes the pressure out of life when I think about Angels and doing good. It’s my little way of giving back. What’s yours?

Love of Angel Love,



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